Saturday evening

I picked up my meds and, indeed, I bought some chocolate. I can’t decide which has more power in my life. Is it coffee or chocolate? God, the choice is pure torture!

Meds, fruits, veggies and nuts.

Yesterday I wrote about my life becoming re-glued. The last two weeks of December and most of January absolutely sucked. Enduring knee surgery and recovery was much less painful. I really do feel as though the spinning of my brain is slowing down and I am gaining focus and clarity. I feel less overwhelmed.

As proof I began dealing with my Healthcare Marketplace problem. They want annual income info. I knew about this in December but, as stated earlier, December was one surrealistic nightmarish blur that bled into January. Cammie’s death + possible-relationship disillusionment + unfair “dismissal” from job I was leaving (the lack of respect) + uncertain health issues + starting a new job + ongoing IRS problems exacerbated by a deep depressive bipolar cycle caused by all the previous variables in this equation = fear, insecurity, more depression and inertia.

Healthcare Marketplace containing letter and my Sprouts paystubs.

In the above equation I left out the student loan variable plus a couple that deserve their own blog.

I called the Marketplace (ACA/Obamacare) number and got a very helpful guy who told me I can submit pics of my paystubs I took with my phone! Damn! I love technology. I do it via my online account. So, I took photos and did a screen shot of my latest paystubs because my direct deposit went through in about three days and I didn’t have a paper stub. As it turns out, receiving a paper check worked in my favor because those pics are more decipherable than the screenshot. This Marketplace agent also told me that they are there 24/7. Thus, if I have an issue sending my stuff I can call anytime and someone can walk me through it. Oh praise the Patron Saint of Technology!! It makes me NOT miss the 70’s-except for Zeppelin, The Who and being skinny.

The previous few days I had the jury duty issue to deal with. The first time I tried to get excused, the courthouse website gave me a hard time. Thursday I used Rose’s computer and I was finally able to reach the, “submit,” button. Rather than try to get excused I opted to postpone duty until September. It seemed much easier but, I still didn’t trust it so, I called the jury clerk’s number and left a message. Someone actually called me and left a message telling me my jury duty was successfully postponed until September and that I would get a new summons. I saved THAT voice message.

This is what I got when I clicked the link to download medical excuse forms on the first night I tried to fix my jury duty problem. Ridiculous.

It’s 8:17 pm here in Florida and I have, “Columbo’” on. I’ve seen this episode 836 times, at least. It’s a good time to go bake my salmon.

I bought it last night after my shift ended at 8 pm and then realized I didn’t feel like cooking much.

I’m making it with yellow rice and broccoli. I might be back later.

Lt. Columbo checks out the dead victim, a famous author.

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