Saturday afternoon-off today

I’m having a laid back day. I slept till about noon. I was up till 4 am. My brain was spinning with ideas.

I’ve had my coffee and will get busy with today’s tasks. One of those tasks comes from something that happened a couple of days ago.

One of my Facebook friends told me about a web platform I hadn’t heard of. It’s called onlyfans. Apparently, it’s popular with sex workers. Did I get your attention?

Yeah, like I’d have any luck with that. It is also popular with artists of all kinds, photographers included so, I sent the link to my ex, in Tennessee. He’s a very talented photographer. Writers, too, publish their work on their own site. Everyone on onlyfans gets paid monthly by subscribers who are the fans.

I need a collection of work to publish and I have been researching writing various genres, including one I don’t read much but, I think I could write-romance. I have a fertile imagination and reams of personal experience to draw upon for inspiration. I’m also wondering if I could mix it up with multiple genres and even my own photography.

My research on onlyfans revealed that it can be very lucrative, although, I am not expecting huge returns. I will just be happy to have it as a somewhat significant second income that is not working in retail or restaurants.

My immediate chore is I’m to go to Walgreens and pick up my prescriptions and, probably chocolate. I know, what a shock. Walgreens has two flavors of Ghirardelli bars I never see anywhere else. I love the cherry and nut one and the blood orange. They are two of my favorites.

Laundry is also on my agenda. Oh, the unfettered joy. I have work shirts to wash. I work Sunday and Monday (more unfettered joy) and have off on Tuesday. I worked last night and a couple of ladies, a 60-ish woman with her mom complimented me to my immediate boss. I saw them go talk to her and then they came over and told me what they said. I thanked them. They had a big order: two hundred-fifty-eight dollars and some odd cents. My boss never said a word back to me. Nice of her, huh?

When I return from the store I’m going to gather paystubs to copy and send to the Healthcare Marketplace. They requested them and I want to keep my insurance.

Hopefully, I will have time to return and write something interesting. Writers should write everyday. I’m trying to do that even if what I’m writing isn’t very exciting. It’s all about the practice and building habits and keeping the imagination going.

Coffee brewing. My friend, Chelle, sent me this coffee for my birthday.

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