Saturday evening-salmon is baking

I’m going to have to check the water for my rice. I’m baking the salmon in a Pyrex dish so it will take a little longer. That’s ok. I want to write some more.

I’m having some wine because I didn’t want to take two anti-anxiety pills. I’ve discovered that the anti-anxiety pills are helping to decrease the abdominal pain. I’ve been saying all along that stress was part of this equation.

Now that I know my uterus appears to be fibroid-free, I’m less anxious. I still need to have the two biopsies I will probably find out if I have polyps. I’m still a little worried, though. I will spend the first three Tuesdays of March having diagnostic procedures done. I can barely contain my glee.

My dinner is almost ready. It’s 9:30. Yeah, I’m eating kind of late. That happens when I get involved with something creative, even if it’s doing the research for something I want to write about, like pirates of Tampa Bay. Florida really does have an interesting history.

Speaking of history, that’s what my salmon is. It turned out great. I ate both filets. The skin fell right off. It was way better than the frozen salmon filets I used to buy at Walmart. No frigging comparison.

What’s left of my dinner.

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