It’s Sunday-watching Columbo….

….what else is new? It’s another episode I’ve seen at least 478 times. I’m not exaggerating.

An ancient, “Columbo,” episode on MeTV 2/28/2021.

I never exaggerate and I’m never sarcastic. Sometimes I’m not completely honest-just for fun. I don’t seriously lie. I do have to admit to calling out sick when I wasn’t THAT sick. Usually, it’s been when I honestly needed a mental health day. Unfortunately, many employers think that mental health is an oxymoron. Leave the, “oxy,”off that last word and it describes how I feel about those bosses.

They think mental issues have no business being part of a health regimen. This is one of the things that perpetuates anger management problems and suicide, to name just two.

Changing the subject: I’m baking some mahi mahi. I’m having it with steamed mussels in white wine sauce. The mussels were on BOGO at Sprouts. I got two boxes for $5.99. The mahi has been in the freezer. I figured it was time to cook up the last two filets. I’m going to have leftover rice and broccoli from last night.

Before my little shopping chore I worked 11:30-4:30. I’ve been getting a lot of short shifts. I am going to have to fill in the financial void. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately I’m just hanging on and praying and hoping.

I am relieved that my head spinning is ending but, I still have my moments when I feel like I’m being swallowed.


I have to end this here. I finished eating and I’m starting to get my abdominal pain. More tomorrow I hope. I work 5-10 pm.

2 thoughts on “It’s Sunday-watching Columbo….

  1. You are definitely one in a million, a blessing to anyone lucky enough to have you in their life. Don’t ever doubt yourself. I hope you enjoyed your dinner and feel better.

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    1. Ty, sweetie, the abdominal pain seems to hit me around 10-11pm or later. U are pretty damn rare yourself. Thanks for reading. I hope your eye is getting better-quickly before you return to work.


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