Florida’s three days of Winter are starting

It is chilly here in Central Florida-and windy. I was walking to my car after work tonight and was hit with a huge cold gust of wind. I was actually cold. I love the cold.

This is from my WKMG Weather app.

It was 57 degrees on my way to work around 3 pm and I still had the car’s AC cranked.

My car said it was 51 degrees at Sprouts in Winter Park. My clock is 50 minutes fast.

Tonight I got to my car and I put on the heat as soon as I started the engine. I wore a long sweater instead of a coat today when I left. It’s supposed to be on the 30’s tomorrow morning at 7. I have to leave for work around 7:45 am. I guess I will be wearing my Pendleton Woolen Mills coat when I leave.

The temperature in Winter Springs when I got home.

In other news, I’m not sure staying in retail is for me. I am thrilled to be out of Walmart but, Sprouts isn’t the huge improvement I expected. There are lots of communication issues. More on that another time.

No matter what I decide, I won’t be returning to misery. That divorce is final.

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