I’m so tired my hair hurts

At least my butt didn’t open any apps today.

Yesterday at work, I put my phone into my left rear pocket like I’ve been doing for the last three weeks. Every time I yanked it out to check the time I found a new app open. My tookus liked my WordPress app a lot. Maybe it was sending me a message.

I’m home. I showered. My roommate and I just ate rotisserie chicken with garlic noodles and Italian green beans for dinner. We were not in cooking moods.

I’m exhausted. Something is going on in lower left abdomen. It also feels like it could be an ovary but, it seems more painful after I’ve had coffee. So, I’m a bit stressed over that and a little stressed over learning a new job. I keep having to push a certain man out of my head because it’s no use keeping dead weight in there. Hopefully, one day it will hit him how unfairly he treated me. The more I think about it, the more I conclude that part of the issue was that he was a bit scared I wasn’t interested, which is completely not the case. I guess I was supposed to throw myself on him and liberate him from his clothing. It’s not like I didn’t think about doing that but…..I’m getting better at shoving those thoughts out of my mind. Some days, however, are more difficult.

When today’s shift ended I was 5/8 of the way through my stretch of shifts. I cannot wait until 8 pm on Wednesday. Then I have one glorious day off.

I rang up so many bottles of wine today I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a Friday night. I think a lot of people are calling out sick tomorrow. I carded a lot of people who were born in August of 1970. Oh, yay! I started joking with customers that they must be celebrating my birthday early. I always love the reactions I get when I tell them how old I’m going to be. “What, 61? No way.” Then I say, “You are my current favorite human”

I won two free Fantasy 5 tickets this week. I cashed in the winners at a Publix where I used to do Boar’s Head demos in 2015-16. I miss the money from that job. It moved a county East of here. I wasn’t about to move back to Volusia County. I’m not really a fan. I think it might partially be cause I’m a Gulf Coast girl.

I like that Fantasy 5 ticket on top. It has my birthdate in the numbers: 2 & 19.

Right now, my sinus headache and I are chilling in front of the TV while I write this little bloggy. Anyone have a drill I can use to release some pressure? I am thoroughly exhausted. I’m not even washing my CPAP parts. I have 4 or 5 sets of parts I rotate. It takes days for the air hoses to dry. So, when my medical equipment supplier, Apria (I don’t recommend them), sends me replacement parts I take the old ones out of rotation (I number them with a Sharpie) and recycle them.

Florida Blue completely covers the machine rent. Humana, which I had when my sleep apnea was diagnosed four years ago, covered everything but about $20 a month. Humana was a dud. I have an HMO now and I’ve been so much happier with it.

I’m catching some of the 11 pm news and then going upstairs to bed.

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