Life is very fluid

I’m feeling as if I’m not on solid ground yet. I obtained a better job than I had and, I’m glad I left Walmart. However, I am sensing at least one back stabber in the new job so, my life might be flowing in yet another direction.

I’m not going to go into details right now; I don’t want to give my apprehension any additional energy or, encouragement. I’m scheduled to work 10:30-6 tomorrow. I will see how that goes. Whatever happens, I’m not returning to Walmart. That book has closed. I now know how psychologically damaging it was to work at a place so opposed to my spirit.

I’m just so exhausted with the near constant unhappiness and disappointment. I’m trying to just be numb.

Good luck, that is what I want, good luck that gives me stability in all departments of my life. I haven’t had that since 2005.

The water flowing under the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. I took this photo on my last vacation in Summer of 2005.

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