End of the year health wrap ups

I had an appointment with my primary care physician, Deborah Lauridsen MD. I love her. She’s such a sweet, thorough doctor. It’s obvious she cares. I absolutely lucked out with all my doctors; they are all amazing.

I’m still a little emotionally scarred from that insurance cancellation episode. It was so demeaning and scary. After all, I’d just received notice that my Cologuard test came back positive. I’m still waiting to get the colonoscopy done. I had the very last new patient appointment for 2020 set for October. That’s when the cancellation occurred. Thus, my appointment got axed. Now, I will have to wait till January or February-ooh, I can give myself a camera up the tookus birthday present on 2/19.

My appointment this morning went well. I had my, “Well Woman,” exam. I got all the girlie things done: pap (I so wish there was a male equivalent to this), pelvic and a check of my girls. She said nothing that is concerning but, she gave me work order for a mammogram. There also needs to be a male equivalent of this exam. Why should only females endure medical torture? I had her send my order to the imagining center I used last year-Sand Lake Imagining. I had to use them for the MRI on my knee so, I got my mammogram done on the same day.

Once I got home from my doctor’s office I called and tried to get an appointment for the one available day I had. That was 12/29. I wasn’t lucky. The earliest appointment I could get was 1/8. Now, that there is another job on the horizon, that could change. If all goes well tonight, my last day at Walmart would be 1/7. My in-person interview is at 6pm. I had a phone interview yesterday. The manager who interviewed me started talking paperwork. I hope that’s a good sign. So much of this year has sucked, I’m paranoid to positive.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night because I was too wound up. I didn’t get sleepy enough until around 4 am. I got up at 9:30 am. I didn’t have enough time to have a real breakfast with coffee. I finally enjoyed my first cup at around 1:30 pm.

My Batdorf and Bronson mug they sent me just for e-mailing them to ask if their Dancing Goats blend had Indonesians in it. It does. They sent me a free half pound of Dancing Goats and this mug.

I see Dr. Lauridsen in April. I have to have bloodwork done. I hope the colonoscopy gives me happy results. I hope my interview gives me happy results too. If it does my last stop before returning home tonight will be Walmart to give my notice.

Time to prepare for my interview. Crossing my fingers.

My Gastroenterologist referral.

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