Wow! It’s been a year….

It’s hard to believe but, tonight marks one year since I began my leave of absence (LOA) for my total knee replacement. Time flies even when you’re not having fun because the year sucks-for almost everyone.

Dr. Hudanich gave me this scar almost a year ago.
The day of my surgery 12/30/2019. AdventHealth Altamonte Springs.
This was about 1/3-4/2020 after the nurse came to my home and removed the bandage. Looks a lot better now, huh?

When my leave began I was terrified of not having money to live on. Having surgery was a complete leap of faith that it would work out.

I was miserable. Just walking had become an ordeal in which I almost literally dragged my left leg as if it was a log.

Even though I was terrified of having zero income for about three months, I relished having the break from my job. I actually preferred experiencing horrible physical pain and not working as a cashier at Walmart.

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