Early Christmas gift

My interview went great. My interviewer, who I will call Karla, said, “Well, I’m going to interview four more people but, I can tell you, I’m going to hire you.” Yippie, yippie.

She asked me why I never wanted to be a CSM (customer service manager) at Walmart, I told her that I absolutely have to love what I’m doing to want to move up. I said that when I worked for Coffee People, in Portland, I was working with something that speaks to my soul and is exciting and makes me want to learn everything I can about it. Coffee is one of my passions. Walmart does not do that for me-for various reasons. I told her that, for instance, if I were to become a car sales person, I could not sell Dodges because every one I’ve ever had has been trouble.

Thus, I know I will be changing jobs! Yay! And my base pay will go up. But, their computer system algorithm factors in a few variables, including experience, so it adds even more per hour.

Karla used to work at Walmart and said, “If you can work at Walmart, you can work here.” She has a kind of goofy personality. I feel like we bonded.

For now, I’m not revealing which company I will be working for but, it already felt like home. Here are some clues that hint at how comfortable I could become in this job.

My kind of calendar for 2021.
Whole bean coffee, hell-o!
Tillamook ice cream sandwiches.
This photo shows only some of the delicious ice cream flavors from Tillamook, Oregon. I counted at least 13 different varieties. Publix offers about five or six.
My favorite cheese combined with my favorite beverage, what’s not to like?

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