Weirdness at Walgreens

Walgreens on SR 434 in Winter Springs.

While I awaited the filling of my prescriptions at Walgreens in Winter Springs I entertained myself by strolling through the store.

That was after I paid my Florida Blue insurance premium. I am now supremely broke but, I do feel better having it paid. My next task it to find my tax return so I can get copies of my Obamacare tax credits to the IRS. I sure hope there is a fax number. I also have to call the Healthcare Marketplace about supplying proof that I tried to file my taxes for 2019.

Maybe if the Ghirardelli people see all the pix I have of their products on my blog site they will give me a lifetime supply of chocolate bars. I can dream.

After dealing with paying a bill I needed some sustenance. Chocolate sustenance. Ghirardelli was calling. The little yellow tag said that these bars were 2 for $5. Look closely at my receipt. I got charged $6. I want my buck.

My Walgreens receipt from today.

Check out the cost of my meds. The Oxycodone was $1.00 and the Diazepam was $.28. That’s twenty-eight cents. That’s the cheapest prescription price I’ve ever paid. It’s like a mini flashback to the 1960’s, I’m guessing, as I was too young to even be paying for prescriptions because I was too young to have a job. I’m still amazed at that price after four and a half hours.

After plucking my chocolate choices off the shelf I walked around and it got weird. Working at Walmart I’ve been exposed to plenty of evidence of interesting and creative theft. Just yesterday I was ringing up this guy’s order. One of the items was a bag of our generic Christmas present bows. They were the pretty blue and silver ones. I noticed it looked like half a bag. Then I saw that the bag was torn. Chances are very good that someone tore open the bag and removed some bows and stashed them in a purse, a shopping bag or some pockets. People are sad. I suggested he get another bag that hadn’t been molested. He rolled his eyes at the thought that people are ridiculous and left to get a replacement. Security devices-boxes for smaller items, such as printer ink cartridges, memory cards, perfumes and razor blades or wire wraps, called, spider wraps, for big or pricey electronic items. The theory is that the security device trips an alarm at the exit alerting employees of a theft attempt or an innocent failure of the cashier to remove the device from a paid-for item. We use what’s called a spider key to open or remove the security devices. At Barnes and Noble we had the same spider wraps on some of our high priced items.

Usually, it is the price that helps determine which items get wrapped or boxed. This is obvious. Retailers don’t want their most expensive items walking out the door unpaid for.

So, I was a little shocked to find this at Walgreens.

Security devices on laundry detergent bottles.
I can’t believe there isn’t one on the Persil. That’s the most expensive laundry detergent at Walmart.
These photos are from Walgreens #03161 on SR 434 in Winter Springs, FL

It simultaneously made me laugh and made me depressed.

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