Surgery done and I’m stoned

Oh boy am I stilted.shaton is driving Lordy, I feel like I smithed a huge bong and did Twitter shots of teqila

Haaaaassa everything is funny. We are home

Evrerything is funny. I can’t wait to read this after the Valium wears off.a

Maybe some coffee. Sharon says I’m slurring my speech. Coffeereee. Got into the kitchen,. Had some coffe in thermos left over from this morning at 7ish. Sharon had to put sugar in my cup because I was laffing too much.?

Hot crap this is fun.?its like the best poor buazz I’ve ever had. Forgive mistakes but, I wanted to record the cognitive effects.

It’s weird-?the cognitive stuff. My head is spinning. I almost tipped over a few times and lagged abut it.

My left led is jack almost completely wrsppendrvinva big ole Ace bandage.

Thatvwabavmidtske but I like dragons.!

Anyhoo, I have an Ace bandage up by entire leg eh. Dhanon snlbisnlaughing stnme sndbtennitbmakesbenctravk u.omg, this is gonna be a blast to read when I’m sober. I feel aliitle like hunyryrr s.yhompson. Satin is making more coffee. Yay for coffee beans.

Seriously, I hope this is as amusing you u readers as it will be for me

I need some entfdorphinnrelesdes.. haaaaa,?i love how I spelled endorphin.! Sorry for the stickers I keep putting in this. I keep ending up ther when I want punctuation . It’s Spple’s Fsult. I jean🍎🍎🍎🍎 they way this phone us defined.

Sharon just said the oven is hot enough to put in my mini pizza tha Subhana form work gave me. She’s like a Jewish mom always giving me fioood. Love her. She’s such a sweety but her English is cute. I live hearing foreigners speak broken English. It’s adorable eve n when you have trouble deciphering what they are trying to say. Anyho, she’s avseeet Pakustani lady. Very caring.

Heeeerreee🌈💥🌎⛄️I am sooo stoned. I swear it feels like the last time I’m smokescreen pot. It was with Crszy Lady at our home house. I didn’t really get buzzed⛩♟🎧. The last time was in Iregon no, Oregon, not Or a GONE. They Wilbur rudely corrrct your mispronoucistiond out there.!

I keep accidently opening up

my emojis. Haaaaassssssssasasssss.

I have one diazspsm (Valium) left🦯🚲🚍🚃🚘🚝🚞🚡🚨🛴🚛.!Theybonly gave me two. Dern.!!this is a fun little buzz.!

I took pix on the drive home

My mummy leg and the stunning bootie. I kept them they are so purty. And Sharons normal legs standing.
Oh, heh, my feet in Sharon’s car. Why? Who knows?
Leaving the doc’s office in Maitland.
Office is in pretty area with lots of trees.
Me in Sharons car on the way home. Stoned selfie.
Cool apartments on US 17/92. Maitland around corner from doc’s office. They be spendy as theyvvwoyldvsaybinnOregon.
Sharon piloting here Toyota to get ya home. Tanks, rookie! Appreciate it very much. Pray for Pieerball winnings on Saturday. I could really pay Tara for my car plus give her lotsa extreme mobey🍭🍤🌈🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍁🍁💵💰💰💰💵this is wat more money than what is in my bank account. Haaaaaaaaa

Damn, I feel the buzz wearing off. Dern coffee. See, decaf does have a purpose.

US 17/92. Still in Maitland.

I will write something understandable later this was a fun experiment. How did I accidentally hit and then Inuit the ucthe italic button???

Revere. Hrrrereee, Later.

P.s. Sharon just reminded me I pre-heated the oven to bake that mini pizza. “did you want to put that pizza in the oven?” Me: “haaaaaaa gigglehaaaaaaaa. Yes,”

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