Surgery preparation and an unexpected treat

Back in August I embarked on the journey to treat my pitting edema. I went to a vascular surgeon and had an evaluation that included having unltrasounds of both my legs. Dr. Adcock evaluated the ultrasounds and determined I needed a venous ablation. That’s a procedure that cauterizes the unhealthy veins that are leaking fluid. The blood get rerouted into healthy veins. Hopefully, that fixes my inflammation problem. I feel an increase of turmeric entering my diet. Good thing I love the stuff.

The doctor’s staff sent the paperwork off to Florida Blue, my health insurance company. Weeks later I got the notice from them that the coverage was denied. I was dismayed and angry.

The sign at the Maitland office.

The next few weeks were a healthcare nightmare as I hadn’t paid my insurance premiums for almost three months because I anticipated a tax return to pay them. My insurance got cancelled. Almost being Baker Acted (Florida law that sends you to the psych ward) was what got it back. I seriously didn’t want live if I no longer could care for my health. The last 13 years has been an ordeal that is pushing me very close to the edge. I’m exhausted from the fight.

The tax refund issue has turned into a separate nightmare as I’m still waiting for the refund. It’s another topic for later discussion. It’s now affecting my possible future Obamacare policy. But, one hurdle at a time, even though the clock is ticking.

As of today, my health insurance is completely paid through the end of the year.

The staff at Dr. Adcock’s office appealed the denial via a one-on-one virtual meeting and got the denial reversed. A few weeks ago I received a call from the doctor’s office with a list of dates for surgery and follow ups.

I requested the needed days off from work on the appropriate Walmart employee website. I even wrote a note explaining the need for time off and personally gave it to one of my managers. I got scheduled to work every single day I need off for this procedure. My roommate, Rose (not her real name), requested 12/3 off to be my driver. She got scheduled. She ended up having to swap shifts with one of our amazing co-workers so she could be my taxi driver. I had to go to my managers a couple of times, even after being told that the schedule snafu could be fixed. I told my boss that I could work on the days she gave me off that I don’t need to have off so that I could have some hours. Nope, no relief there, I was removed from the shifts I needed to have off but, was not given replacement shifts. I’m not happy but, fuck it. In August I was mostly only having the swelling as a symptom but, now I am feeling some associated pain and heaviness in my left leg; the inflammation is worsening. I need to have this procedure done and it’s happening and I refuse to sacrifice my health to the Retail Gods.

Access to healthcare is a right. It should not be a privilege. More on this in another blog. It’s just another thing about our society and culture that ticks me off.

Today I went to Dr. Adcock’s office to pick up the two prescriptions and get my pre-surgery instructions. I’m grateful that this is going to happen. I’m scared about the loss of income but, my experience of being on LOA (leave of absence) and lack of income for my knee replacement did teach me that financial miracles do happen. I was blessed. I was lucky. I learned that there really are generous, kind angels out there. I am still very appreciative of every cent that was given to me.

I only requested one day off for recovery, because I’m scared of the lack of income but, now I’m wondering if I might need to take another LOA. I just told Rose that if I’m feeling a lot of pain on Friday afternoon, I am going to call Sedgwick for a new LOA. I would need it because I’d accrue enough points (occurrences) for call outs to get fired. More proof I need to work an at-home blogger job.

Currently, I am off until Saturday, the 5th. I feel as though the wheel was set in motion and it will turn out o.k. I’m trying to be optimistic while still being scared about money.

I was treated to an unexpected happy surprise trying to turn around and get out of the parking lot. A large flock of beautiful white birds strolled right in front of my car. I think they were White Ibises. I wish I could say for sure. I love birds but, I don’t know as much about them as I would like.

I think these are White Ibises. They walked right in front of my car as I was backing up to turn around.
Some of them took flight in the parking lot of my vascular surgeon’s office.

I drove straight to my regular pharmacy in Winter Springs. The pharmacist took my prescriptions-that were actually on paper. One is for diazepam (Valium) and the is for Oxycodone/acetaminophen. Hence, the in-person delivery of the scripts. I have to bring the pill bottles with me on the day of the surgery and take the diazepam there.

I had to wait over half an hour to get my prescriptions. Besides paying my Florida Blue premium I found other ways to amuse myself.

Kinda self-explanatory.

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