Life sucks but, still grateful part 2

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.🙏🏻💕🍗🍗 and don’t forget ☕️☕️☕️.

I thought of a few things I didn’t mention in my last blog.

I will just start with: I’m grateful that I live with someone who does not insist on watching football on this holiday. My husband, God love him, was, and still is but, he’s my ex now, very athletic and kind of a sports freak. What was appealing, though, was that he was not a jock. He viewed athletics from a health/Zen point of view. However, he used to video record golf. Yes, golf, as if it was exciting to watch past tense. The Tour du France tapes were tolerable, even enjoyable but, golf? I think our cats were annoyed as well. I rolled my eyes a lot. So, I am grateful for fewer eye rolls.

I’m also grateful for the French toast with blackberries I just ate and the vittles I will eat later. I’m grateful my sinus headache is abating. I’m grateful it’s only 82 and not 90 degrees outside. I really AM grateful that the humidity is low.

I’m grateful for the venous ablation I am going to have on December 3rd and I’m grateful the personnel in the doctor’s office was able to convince my insurance company, Florida Blue, that it was necessary; it’s now covered. I’m grateful for one of our co-workers who switched shifts with my roommate so she could take me to and from the doctor’s office. I’m grateful to her for driving me. And, of course, I’m grateful I have health insurance.

I’m grateful that my work shift tomorrow is only four hours because it starts at 5 am-three hours before my availability begins. I’m grateful Walmart is closed today so that I’m off work on a holiday-for once. I’m grateful for the employee discount expansion to include food that happens this time of year.

I’m grateful for comfy jammies that I’m still wearing at 1:30 pm. I’m grateful for the coffee (99% decaf) that I still drinking.

I’m grateful for the free lottery tickets I won last night-free Fantasy 5 and free Cash 4 Life.

I’m grateful to be breathing and for being conscious. I’m grateful for general good health-although I’m still waiting to get that colonoscopy done. I’m crossing my fingers over that.

I can’t restate this enough: I am grateful that I am not homeless. My current home is a piece of shit. I deserve much better than this. I HAVE HAD way better than this but, I’m grateful to have shelter that has electricity, running water and AC. Air conditioning is a necessity in Florida. I’m still grateful even though our landlord gave us a Christmas present by increasing our rent by a hundred bucks starting on December 1st.

I am constantly grateful to the beautiful souls in my life. You have been the foundations of my sanity. I love you all.

My point is that no matter how bad life is sucking, remember it could always, always be worse. Please be grateful it is not.

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