Things suck but, I’m still grateful

I’m so busy these days. Just in case I eat too much pecan pie and I don’t make it here on Thanksgiving I want to post this little bloggie. My life is a mess; I’m trying to clean up the train wreck-that’s really an exaggeration. I’ve lived with real human train wrecks and my life isn’t THAT bad. “Train wreck,” is just such a descriptive phrase.I guess I should give myself brownie points for recognizing my responsibility in creating the train wreck. Instead of brownie points, may I have actual brownies? Eh, probably not.

I just want to say that there are a lot of things I am grateful for: my life isn’t worse; I have great people in my life-friends, co-workers, a roomie who has been paying for most of our food and who still manages to have the money to pay bills despite having health issues; two great house cats; a home that is much better than a box under an I-4 overpass; running water, electricity and air conditioning; food-including coffee and chocolate; my education, sense of humor, intelligence, skills and talents and creativity; regular paychecks; clothes; my cameras, my music and book collections; health, dental and vision care insurance and pretty damn good health; each of my doctors and my new knee; parents who instilled strong ethics and morals, a love of reading and learning-both formal and informal; the platform I am writing this on; the phone I am writing this on; a functional car and the lady who is working with me to pay for it; my greater than average luck in general, including lottery luck; my sock collection; the Mayas for giving us chocolate and the Ethiopians for giving us, and some goats, coffee; Indonesians for growing the best coffee on Earth; the color purple-and blue; my seven years living in Oregon; my 12 years experiencing matrimony and that Brian and I are on good terms; libraries; schools; that I haven’t contracted COVID-19; those amazing medical and health professionals and scientists working on the global COVID-19 problem; my TV and the lady who gave it to me; the hospital where I had my knee surgery-AdventHealth in Altamonte Springs; the space race that fed, clothed and housed me during the 60’s and 70’s; the money I DO have; kind, honest, compassionate, generous, understanding people everywhere; that Florida guy who saved his puppy from the jaws of a gator-we need more folks like him; that we will have a good administration on January 20th; that things will get sweet and comfortable again. This list is obviously not exhaustive but, I hope y’all get the idea. There are a lot of not so obvious things each of us needs to be grateful for.

I’m especially grateful for these people in my life: Pat, Chelle, Vickie, Sharon, Tara and, Brian.

I stole this pic from the internet.

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