I’m exhausted

I pretty much decided that if my life turns interesting enough to write my memoirs, I’m going to title the book, “I’m Tired.” Of course, the tome would be full of my sick, twisted humor.

And, sarcasm, because I’m never sarcastic. Ever. And, I never try to shock people by telling them the opposite of what I know they want to hear. It’s fun watching the expressions people get. Like when I tell people of my generation or, slightly younger, that I don’t like Def Leppard. They ARE good but, hey, they are no Led Zeppelin or The Who. But, they DO get points for being British.

It seems like almost all of my very favorite musicians or writers are British or, Scottish or, Australian. I think I have genes in all three countries.

I’m writing this on my lunch break so, forgive my editorial boo boos I will have to repair later.

Returning to the topic of exhaustion: I’m only sleeping 3-5 hours on the nights before I go to work. I just have so much on my mind these days. I know we all do. This damn virus needs to be vanquished. I have 13.5 years of crappy life to turn around. I’ve been doing too much ruminating on how to do that.

I want to earn more money-that ain’t gonna happen just by staying at Walmart. I want to live by myself (I miss it so much) with my animals and, if I should be so lucky, a significant other. No serious contenders there. There is one but, I’m pretty sure he’s tethered. Then, there is school. I have three, perhaps four, classes to complete to earn my second BA. It’s on my dollar since I’m maxed out on loans. The government does not award grants to second bachelor’s students and I checked into scholarships because my GPA is 3.84. It was higher until I got two B-‘s during the semester I was about to become homeless. Most of the scholarships for students in my situation run in the $500-1000 range. I want to take graduate level versions of a couple of the classes I need-because of already having the first BA. The in-state graduate level tuition at UCF is about $1,400 per three credit semester class.

Hello, Florida lottery…..I got peeps I want help….a 16-way split.

I’m gonna end this for now. I still have blogs brewing in my head. I always have a piece of writing brewing in my head. I pray so hard for the time to do it all.

This pretty much describes my life. The lack of a comma after, “Santa,” irks the crap out of me, however.

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