IT’s BIDEN-HARRIS!!!!!!!!!

With the projection that Pennsylvania’s Electoral votes will go to Biden, he has at least 273 Electoral votes.

The nightmare will be gone. The orange buffoon will be packing up and leaving the White House.

For the last four years everyday I prayed for trump to be evicted. THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Biden-Harris.

They won’t have an easy time of it with Moscow Mitch retaining his Senate seat but, we will have intelligence, compassion, fairness, decorum, manners, creativity, understanding, knowledge of the Constitution and the rule of law, honesty, integrity and kindness, returned to power.

I cannot express how ;($:/@“(;:@&$-;: relieved I am. My mental health was so impaired by the orange menace.

Never, under any other Republican President, did I ever feel unsafe, unstable, suspicious or, terrified of war being started. Never was my sleep disrupted by Washington DC nonsense.

I never would have been afraid of a President McCain or a President Romney or, even a President Jeb Bush. I probably would not have agreed with a lot of their policies but, I would have respected their human qualities.

Special thanks go to Scranton, Pittsburgh (my mom’s birthplace and home to my dad’s alma mater) and Philadelphia (my birthplace).

I am just so relieved.

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