The election is only a part of the news for the Gulf states

As ballot counting continues in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, those of us living in states along the Gulf of Mexico are watching Tropical Depression Eta. Eta is headed Northeast from the Yucatán toward Cuba where it curls Northwest and traverses the Florida Straits. There it is expected to reach hurricane status.

Can this year get anymore weird or annoying?

We are 25 days from the end of this historic Atlantic Hurricane Season. We’ve had so many storms we exhausted the alphabet and moved into the Greek letters. I’ve lived in Florida for over forty years and never experienced an Eta.

When this storm formed in the Caribbean it was thought it might skirt the West Coast of Florida. Now, it looks more likely it will cut across the Gulf and maybe head back to Mexico.

It’s kind of a metaphor for our Presidential election.

Spaghetti models
Most likely trajectory. Images are from WKMG Channel 6 Orlando CBS affiliate.

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