Still no clear winner

This election has made me physically sick. I have dry heaves, my nerves are toast, have a huge headache and nasal congestion. The last two from crying so much.

I couldn’t sleep I was so rattled. I calmed down a little by reading a Michael Connelly novel, “The Concrete Blonde.” I figured that it was engaging enough to keep my mind off things while very far away from current events. Plus, it was written when no one had cell phones and pay phones were the communication device of the day. So, it was kind of humorous too. I actually started it back in August but had to forego reading it because my life got too complicated and whenever I had the time to read, I was completely exhausted.

I was up till about 7:25 am EST. I was just too wired and jittery. It had been hours since I drank coffee. That’s the only caffeinated beverage I drink except for the random times I’m in the mood for black or green hot tea. My roommate and I drink coffee that is about 95% decaf.

I awoke around 12:20 pm. I still have dry heaves and nausea. I need to eat because I will give myself a hypoglycemic episode if I don’t. I just don’t feel like having food. Maybe I can eat some soup. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anxiety like this in my life. I felt it building over the weekend but, I was so convinced that my fellow Americans had unmasked trump for what he was that there would be a clear winner. Nope, and I am so disgusted I am physically sick.

Not even my marital separation and divorce affected me this badly.

I was supposed to work. At about 5:30 am I realized I would be unable to do so. I factored in that if a customer wearing any trump paraphernalia came into the store I might go ballistic. That would jeopardize my job security and since I just resolved a scary issue there, I wasn’t in the mood for another one.

I just cannot believe how badly this year has been. I think it feels worse because I had such extremely high hopes of life improvement after having my knee replaced. Of course, I am still thrilled to have a functional knee. In fact, if I still was dragging a dead left log like I was a year ago, I would be a bigger mess than I am now. Plus, I would be on the verge of it not being done because if trump is re-installed, it will embolden him even more to kill Obamacare.

I’m veering away from my topic again. Sorry, I guess this is kind of turning into a public journal entry. I know I am speaking for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Biden supporters. I know I am not the lone election related work call out in this country today.

To all the people from other countries reading this right now, just know that there are millions of Americans who are just as distraught and disgusted as I am, or possibly even more so.

Upon waking, I did learn that all is not lost, that Biden can still win. He is ahead in the Electoral College, as of this sentence creation.

Many non-Americans don’t understand that the USA is not a direct democracy; it is a representative democracy. Electoral College electors are supposed to represent the will of the people. Since I am way too exhausted to translate some part of the US Constitution, I took a screenshot of a passage from Wikipedia. Yes, I know that source is not respected in academic circles but, there are times when they get things right. I think this is an example.

News breaking: Biden just won Wisconsin! Oh please God. It’s 2:12 pm EST and that blurb just dropped down from the top of my phone.

Here’s the Wikipedia passage.

Here are two screen shots of where the Electoral votes stood before the breaking news concerning Wisconsin.

The ironic thing about the creation of the Electoral College is that it was supposed to stop people like trump from being installed. Our founding fathers recognized that most of people were not nearly as educated as they. Yes, the founding fathers were snobs and didn’t entirely trust the populace to elect a President who was fit for office. The Electoral electors were supposed to weed out the duds.

Those electors failed miserably in 2016.

And, here we are.

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