Some thoughts on being totally disgusted

Poster for the movie released in 1968. All images in this blog were borrowed from the internet.


You know that final scene in the original, “Planet of the Apes,” movie where a shadow of a large spiked thing is projected across the beach where Charlton Heston’s character is riding his horse? The waves are crashing on the rocks and sand and he sees the shadow and then raises his eyes upward to behold a devastated Statue of Liberty and it dawns on him that the Planet of the Apes is Earth and that humankind has royally fucked up. He begins yelling, “No, no, no…” and continues screaming as he descends his horse and falls to his knees in despair.

Ending scenes from, “Planet of the Apes“ Photos taken from the internet.
Charlton Heston’s life ended when he was a Republican. He turned from Democrat in 1972. Thus, he was a Democrat during the making of this movie. Somehow, to me, it adds meaning to this scene.


This is how I feel. Liberty is dying in America.

It’s about 2:23 am EST in the USA and my state, Florida, has awarded trump a win of our 29 Electoral votes.

I am truly, completely disgusted. This is worse than four years ago because the world has seen what a horrible racist, mysogynistic, homophobic, lying stack of wasted DNA our, “leader,” is. He hasn’t officially won yet but, my hope is dimming.

Right now, I really have no more words.

Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, New York Harbor. New York or New Jersey? I think that debate is still raging. Maybe we should give this statue back to France.

**********note***** pics need editing but, I need a shower and some sleep. It’s 2:57 am in Florida and I work in the morning.

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