Here’s how it stands….

……according to the HuffPost. It’s better and Biden is ahead in the popular vote. I’m still a mess.

I called Dr. Lauridsen, my primary care doctor, and she couldn’t take me today. I have to call tomorrow morning at 8 to see if she can squeeze me in. In the meantime, my roommate, Rose (not her real name), has given me two of her 10mg fluoxetine capsules. I don’t normally don’t take other people’s prescriptions but, I might have to. Rose was just reading me the information on it she googled and there is a mild interaction with bupropion (Wellbutrin). So, I might not take her capsules. In any event, it’s a medication meant to be taken at bedtime. I might have to chill the old fashioned way: with red wine.

I made some soup-Chickarina, from Progresso. It’s actually pretty good. At least I’m getting some food down.

Rose is going to the store and I’m going to commence my new strategy of coping with this ….,shit. I am going to pick up where I left off in my purging tasks I started a few weeks ago. I think by focusing on the tangible things I can control I will feel less overwhelmed and it will change the energy in my home. I think I’m speaking of what the Chinese call, Chi.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&EDIT EDIT

I am in a lazy mood. Here is a screenshot I took that defines Chi.

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