Rainy day + mundane activities

I tried to take a walk around the Publix shopping center, where I dropped off my “medical” package to Wisconsin. Ok, it was for Cologuard. I sent it via the UPS store. Hopefully, it did get picked up at 6 pm EDT. I’m pretty sure everything will be ok when my sample gets tested. I think my appointment with my primary is on October 16th.

Then I went to Publix to ask about Instacart and how that worked employment and customer-wise. After that I wanted to walk around the little park next to the shopping area. It was drizzling off and on. A Facebook friend, who lives in Tampa, two hours away, left me a comment on my Facebook post that thunderstorms are headed my way. It sure seems like that is the case but, I didn’t check the Channel 6 live radar yet. I threw a load of laundry in the washer instead.

My roomie ordered us Lo Mein for dinner. It’s due in a half an hour. I love Asian noodles.

The sky over Winter Springs Town Center just as I was going to begin my stroll.

This is off topic but, I wanted to show you even more evidence that shopping carts are herd animals. These are Publix species carts, at Publix store #62, in Winter Springs.

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