Might have been a Florida Blue oopsie

Last time I talked about how my health insurance company denied my venous ablation procedure. I immediately began working on that issue by calling an attorney, I like to be proactive. Might be because I grew up around so many.

I learned this week that I might not need to appeal the decision. A nurse from my vascular doctor’s office called to tell me that they will resubmit the request themselves. The nurse said that what will happen is that the ARNP will have a one on one consultation with a representative from Florida Blue. The ARNP basically, argues my case and they discuss the situation in greater detail. This almost always results in a reversal of the denial. Whew! But, the news gets better.

I asked the nurse if I should still proceed with submitting an appeal and she sort of went back and forth before saying, “Well, yes, if you feel it might help you.” That’s where the phone call ended.

I was going to go through the steps to appeal. My lunch (I’d been at work but, was off the clock) was about to end and my phone rang again. It was the nurse from Dr. Adcock’s office. She told me that as she hung up with me someone from the financial department, who probably works in the bowels of Florida Blue, called to say the issue was with how the request was submitted. ???? I’m still unsure of exactly what that means. I just know that now there is a much better chance of it being approved.

Now, my main issue is paying my late premiums. That’s $222. If I have to take a pay day loan I will but, I really wish the Florida Lottery would be more cooperative. Lol.

I joked with a co-worker that Florida Blue is going to pay for the procedure or they are going to pay for it plus my student loans. I’m not shy of litigation.

That this happens to me really chaps my hide.

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