I’ve been locked out of this site for almost a week.

Back in May or June when I uncovered the depth of hacking and call spoofing I’d been a victim of, I had to change my phone number three times in about eight days. I also had to cease using my waterbearer219@ yahoo email address because, in all likelihood, it had been compromised just as my Facebook profile, contact list and text messages were. I thought I had properly changed my email address with WordPress.

Hoping my iPhone won’t get broken into by CTS like my Samsung was.

Wrong. When I attempted to use my old email address, the one that is registered with WP, they were going to send a verification code to that old address. I CAN’T GET INTO THAT ACCOUNT. So, I had to tear up my apartment trying to find my password. I found it. Obviously.

This just illustrates what a damn jackass-pain-in-tookus-loser my hacker is. I feel so violated everytime something I need to do leads back to cyber issues. He makes me so angry and, as I’ve said before, I know who this jerk is but, I couldn’t prove it. I’m sure he’s too clever to use only one device to do his dirty work. He’s no slouch in the intellect department.

That’s the biggest part of the attraction I had to him. That’s all gone now that I know the degree of his “issues.” Almost ten years elapsed since we had any contact in the 3-D world. I guess he’s seriously obsessed. He still sends me Facebook friend invitations from fake profiles. Just this week I received at least three. Lucky me.

I had planned to just pop by and say that I’ve been working on some blogs in my noggin and was setting aside time to write, then this locking out issue happened and got me riled about the individual whose initials are CTS. When I thought he was just a really shy normal guy, I used to call him Cadillac Man.

Last week I was told by my health insurance company that they will not cover the vascular procedure I need. As soon as I finished reading the letter, at 7pm Friday, I was on the phone with a representative from Morgan and Morgan. They are a huge law firm-one if the largest in the Southeast. He took down my story and then said that, “as of now,” they couldn’t take my case but, that it’s possible I could find a lawyer who would. I sort of anticipated that response but, I had to try.

I’m going to fight that issue on a few fronts: I am doing background checks on the doctor who signed off on my denial. She’s a DO, which pissed me off cause I generally like them more than MD’s and it would be so much easier to be pissed at one of them. This doctor isn’t even a vascular surgeon. She does hospice care. What the hell? Secondly, I’m going to find out if there is a treatment or procedure my current doctor will do that Florida Blue will cover. Thirdly, I might have to get a referral to a different vascular doctor who does do a procedure that makes Florida Blue happy. Fourthly, I’m going to write a nasty but persuasive letter to Florida Blue pointing out the poor logic used to determine their denial. I’m so good at writing such letters my parents were convinced I was going to be a lawyer. Also, I’m argumentative ..,,and can be a bitch. Sometimes I LIKE to be a bitch. It’s fun being a normally bubbly person because people get fooled into thinking I won’t attack. Wrong. Lastly, if none of that works, I’m going to sue their asses.

The other issue I’m dealing with is trying to find a replacement job. I was hoping to not have to do this but, Walmart is becoming intolerable. I wanted to stay there until I found a paying blog-from-home job-even if it is 1099 (independent contractor) but, reflecting upon the differences of approach in dealing with COVID-19, in the employment setting, has me really pissed at my employer. I’m starting with applying at Publix. I used to work for them, got into a bad store with back stabbing politics going on and just got too disgusted to stay. I didn’t even want to transfer. Now, I regret that I didn’t do that instead.

Publix store #1295 in Oviedo, Florida. It’s across the street from my Walmart, my current employer.

I’m going to be busy but, I hope to get back here soon.

This is what Florida Blue won’t pay to fix. It’s called putting edema. And, so help me God, it’s going to be fixed. That’s my left leg after ten hours of wearing regular socks. I’m wearing them on purpose and taking photos to make my case.

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