Going to be busy…..

…….doing a lot of personal and financial work on the computer. I hope to return and write a couple of the blogs I have going on in my head.

One of them is on my favorite former job, Skipper’s Smokehouse. After 40 years Skipper’s closed last Sunday. I am still sad about it. Skipper’s will forever live in my heart.

Currently though, I am enjoying the much cooler weather we are having. My roommate and I walked down to the drop box to put in our rent and we couldn’t believe how great it felt. Unfortunately, I will be anchored to my laptop investigating life changes-life improvement.

Hopefully, I will be able to carve out writing time very soon and I hope we keep this cool Florida October weather of old.

Shot of the future temps given by Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells tonight on WKMG ChanneL 6 Orlando, Florida.

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