Psychological archaeology

I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

I’ve reconnected with some Skipper’s Smokehouse alums-technically known as mullets. I think that moniker was a Tom White creation. He’s the main dude now. I think the sole owner. When I started working there in 1986 there were three owner/managers, Tom, Vince and Anders. At some point Tom and Vince bought Anders’ share and for most of the time I worked there it was just Vince and Tom.

A few people I worked with there are still there or, maybe it feels like a few and it’s just Vicky.

I have a blog brewing in my head about how special that place was in my life. I have a boatload of old photographs I want to scan into my phone.

In my recent meandering through my past I tracked down my first WordPress page. Also called Sykeology. I have long since forgotten the password and whatever email address I had connected to it. I will try to consolidate the two pages. One of my posts was a paper I wrote on Indonesia for one of my anthropology classes at UCF. My professor loved it. Well, it’s here if you want to check it out.


I just clicked on the link to see if it would work and it did. I also discovered that I had posted two other academic papers for two other anthropology classes.

I began that page just after my financial collapse and during a time I had narrowly escaped homelesssness. So, it’s all kind of a blur. I think the blurring is a defense mechanism. I’m still digging myself out of that hole I put myself into in 2007. Things are a lot better-mostly due to the fact that I’ve learned how to deal with a lot more stress and I’ve also learned to take a whole lot less shit from the various scumbags I might encounter in life. I’ve become pretty brutally honest and give less of a crap what people think of me. I guess, in short, I’ve become bolder (except when I get romantically interested in a guy. Still too chicken to first express that. He has to do it first) and more tolerant of people who deserve it and less tolerant of the voluntarily stupid. Unfortunately, the world has too many of those specimens.

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