Various absurdities

I’m currently feeling like crap because of what I hope is just a bad allergy attack. I’m congested, have itchy, watery eyes a headache and my skin is itchy. So, I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies.

I wanted to post something so, here’s a collection of visuals from around my world.

Jack fruit. What the hell? How do you eat this? Where do you start cutting? What parts are edible? Where the hell is this from? I guess I have a googling assignment. These specimens were in Publix #62 in Winter Springs Town Center, Winter Springs, Florida
I’m spoiled after living a city that has more breweries than any city in the world (allegedly) because of the microbrewery craze. Yes, that all started in Portland, Oregon and if you really love beer, PDX, Oregon is your Mecca. So, even if these signs read, “Free,” I would still roll on by. This is also in Publix #62.
This is hilarious given that when maskless customers enter the store our Health Ambassadors can only tell those individuals masks are required even though in our county, Seminole, there is an ordinance. We don’t restrict their entrance. Honestly, though, I have seen very few maskless customers in my Walmart. I am grateful for that.
Really? This, “shopper,” left this discounted beach towel just hanging across the hooks. If I would have done this when I was a kid, my mom would have slapped my wrist and snarled, “You put that back how you found it, where it belongs.” This is in my Walmart in Oviedo where they, indeed, are on sale for three bucks. It is a good deal. I rang up bunches this past weekend.
More merchandise not returned to its proper place.
Yeah, I know K-Cup coffee makers are popular. To this former barista and coffee lover, they are blasphemy. Plus, unless the ground coffee is dosed out into those reusable K-Cup filters, they are landfill hell.
This is sadly absurd; it’s disgusting. It used to be a joke in my family that I was born about an hour before Prince Andrew. My mom told me that just before she was wheeled into the delivery room for her C-Section, the nurses teased her about giving birth the same time as Queen Elizabeth. My mom told me that she told herself that if the Queen of England could pop out a baby, so could she. Now, the Prince is turning out to be a jerk. Oh well, I’m Aquarius; he’s Pisces with Sign of the Asshole on the ascendant. Now, he’s just an embarrassment and possible criminal.
An absurd amount of discontinued wine to not be able to afford to buy. Sniff. Publix #62.
Just look at this UPC label. Just look, what a waste of paper and ink. Literally, NONE of them scan, not even with the hand scanner. Thanks to a co-worker with super human eyesight who was able to read the number I, at first, wrote it down. Now, I have it memorized.
My inability to control my shopping at Publix. I went there for a wrap from the deli. Publix #62.
It’s absurd that here we are on the last day of August 2020 and we are still dealing with this hideous COVID-19 virus. It’s also absurd that people need to be reminded to wear a mask with so much evidence that this is a real illness and that masks help curb its spread.
Directional floor stickers in place so long they are coming loose and getting trimmed. I guess they cannot be replaced fast enough. Oviedo Walmart #5894.
Yes, really, masks are a fashion statement. I bought the package of tie dyed ones. My Walmart #5894.
I was in a quandary. Tie dye or coffee themed masks? Oh Lordy.
Work silliness. One of my unknown co-workers has an usual name. This was in the employee fridge.
Shirt I bought to wear the very next day because I needed to launder all my work shirts.
Ok, it was a very cute movie-the first one- Sven was my favorite character. But, will, “Frozen,” EVER go away? Disney is milking this trend for all it’s worth.
We switched from the crappy, thin, gray bags to the sturdier, thicker ivory-colored bags that can hold 20 pounds but, some customers still want their boxes of cereal double bagged. That probably contributed to the bag shortage we experienced this weekend. Allegedly, all the nearby Walmarts were having the same issue. I think it’s absurd that people don’t use reusable cloth bags. I’ve had a few of mine since 1989.
Our wonderful neighbor, Debbie, had to move out two months ago. She was replaced by the owner of this behemoth. He’s only part time resident-the baby daddy??? We like their pet pit bulls better than their human keepers. It’s annoying that this guy, who is not a full time resident, feels it’s ok to hog up one and a half spaces from those of us who live here full time.

This looks like my bank account every other Thursday just before midnight. That’s just absurd.

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