Just a little bitty bloggy

Eh, I’m home from work. I was about to go upstairs and take my shower then I remembered that the old, “Columbo,” shows are on Me TV on Sunday nights. I used to love them in the 70’s.

I waited until I got to see the murder. That sometimes takes about 30-45 minutes into the episode. In this one, the LA police commissioner is the bad guy. He killed his rich, significantly older wife. He pushed her under the water while she was soaking in the tub. He’s kind of handsome. I hate it when the villain is appealing in any way. It’s a fiction writing trick. Damn writers. They are so annoying.

Today work was such a joy-more on that later, maybe. I rang up a lady who was wearing a Steal Your Face shirt. It’s from an old Grateful Dead LP. I haven’t seen too many of them since Jerry Garcia died. That was a sad day. I was living in Portland, was at work at Coffee People on NW 23rd and Hoyt. A regular who knew I was a Dead fan (not really a Dead Head but, a fan) came into the store and said, “Jerry died.” I remember going very still while I processed it. Then it hit me and I replied, “No Way.”

Image stolen, like the VW version below, from the internet.

A big musical loss.

As I was strolling through the store after work, I turned left into the ice cream aisle and, oh my God, Ben and Jerry’s was on rollback. I snatched up the last tub of Cherry Garcia. It’s my favorite.

Yum. Cherry ice cream with dark chocolate chunks.
When I get my VW Tiguan I’m blessing it with this sticker.

Time for my shower. My cat thinks it’s time for her chow.

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