Life is still strange


I’ve been trying to get here to write but, like a lot of my fellow “essential workers” I have been exhausted by extra work hours and the anxiety of possibly getting infected with this coronavirus every shift I work. I try to not think about it while I’m working but, when my shift ends I realize I feel as though I’ve been beaten up, kind of like the Christmas season makes me feel but, there is fear mixed in.

I’ve been writing several blogs in my head for the past few weeks so, I hope to be posting some soon. I just spent most of the evening moving hundreds of photos from my phone to my computer and then moving some of those to my WordPress library for ease in inserting them into my blogs.

Currently, I am nursing the sinus headache from Hell. I had to call off from work because it was so bad. And, it has only gotten worse. I can’t miss another shift; I can’t afford to earn another point. I don’t have enough protected paid time off to erase two points. I’m unsure if I have enough to cover today’s absence. Tomorrow I’ll be at Wally World from 8:30 to 5:30. Oh the joy. I guess I’m lucky to have some income. My friend, Pat, who is a hairstylist, just returned to work today. My friend and neighbor, Debbie, also a hairstylist, is still not working because her clients are residents of assisted living facilities and  nursing homes. They have been going through some scary stuff.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.


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