COVID-19 updates

The number of cases hasn’t peaked yet. I know we all want that to happen soon so the curve will start to slope downward. Statistics (Research Methods) was one of my favorite psychology classes at University of South Florida. I loved designing and analyzing experiments and correlational  studies. I even loved reading and interpreting studies from academic journals and then writing my own papers in APA (American Psychological Association) style. I got straight A’s. But, these data are not fun.

We are still climbing up the slope so the statistics from yesterday are now past tense; the numbers got bigger.

World wide over 1.4 million people are infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Deaths around the world are more than 83,560 with 12,911 of those deaths being in the US. The number of deaths in New York state alone is 5,500. This outnumbers the total number of people killed in New York City on 9/11. That number was 2,996.

Here in Florida, our cases are up to 15,690 (as of 6:30 pm 4/8/2020). Hospitalizations number 2,082 and the number of deaths is 323. Florida being the third most populous state and one of the most visited places on the globe surely means our numbers will grow. There is no telling how many tourists visited our state and left coronavirus here before this insanity began being measured. Governor Ron DeSantis (R) enacted a state wide stay-at-home order on April 30th. Hopefully, most people will heed that. So far, Florida health care workers have tested 144,500 individuals for coronavirus. Those tests yielded a positive rate of 10.7%.



Sources:, The Boston Globe online, WKMG TV Channel 6 Orlando.

MERS virus, Meadle-East Respiratory Syndrome coronovirus

I swiped this photo from the internet on 4/8/2020.


From WKMG TV Channel 6. Map showing the coronavirus hot spots in Orange County. The darkest spot is part of Orlando. 4/8/2020.


Yes, these are the actual textbooks I had for PSY 3212-801 Research Methods with Tram Neill Ph.D Semester 2 1982-1983. On another subject, I paid $18.20 for this book. That’s hilarious.


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