Part of the process I am living right now is clean up. I am moving on. My life is at a crossroads and I am deleting ugliness from my past.

I got sidetracked this evening. I was planning on writing a different blog but, as I turned on my computer I found a lot of crap on it left there by my former roommate who borrowed it one day. I call her the Evil Roommate From Hell (just for starters she caused $1400 worth of damage to my car and never gave me her insurance information so I could get the repairs done) and I will have a lot to say about her a little at a time.

I only discovered the junk she left on my device because I did find one of the picture discs I was looking and was playing around with it. As I delete her garbage, I push my experiences with her into past and re-focus on moving on to a new path.


I took this photo from inside our moving Penske truck in 1999. We were moving back to Florida and driving on I-5 in California. This is Mt. Shasta.


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