The Journey Begins….without a map

Florida_LowerKeys_June2005_PhotoBy_PSykesI struggled to find a name for this page. I am not completely happy with, “Journeys.” I know how clichéd a title it is. However, the more I think about it, the more accurate a name it becomes.

I am finding my way back to the path I was on when stumbled off it in 2007. I am going to make a lot of false starts and other mistakes. I am going to strategically avoid-at first- some of the darker places I’ve been since then. I have to warm up my psyche. My early blogs on here will delve into random ideas. Some of these might be kind of shallow or silly. I will try to make the silly ones fun.

At times, this will be a site seemingly without a compass; I am a spontaneous person. It won’t be as if I have a map of the US and I’m driving from Tampa, Florida to Portland, Oregon, which is a move I did actually make with my, then, husband in 1992.

Alas, I am back in Florida. That’s my fault too.

Presently, I am searching my home for a couple of CD’s that have possibly thousands of photographs on them. I want to use the images on here. I just saw them in my messy townhouse less than a week ago and cannot recall where. I guess that will be another kind of journey.

I hope I don’t bore you all before I get this site all spiffy.

I took the photo above in 2005 in the Lower Florida Keys when I went to Key West in June. The water you see on that side of US 1 is the Gulf of Mexico, which meets up with the Atlantic Ocean on the opposite side.



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