Overwhelmed…and want to get in the groove

MoveWestMontana90MontanaJune11th1992199I began this site with good intentions of getting the writing muscles limbered up and strong again. Since May of 2007 I have been trying to crawl out of a self-made abyss, many times making good progress only to slip down the wall again. Such is life, I know.

I plan on mining the experiences I have had for some blogs but, sometimes the depression is just overwhelming. I fell off my intended life path and desperately want to return to my life of school, writing, traveling, photography and being with my friends.

I’ve dealt with near-homelessness several times, poverty-I once made $3.63 last two weeks, medical scares, being fired from a job, surrendering my beloved cat to a better home-my best friend who lives two hours away and living with my Evil Roommate From Hell who caused $1400 worth of damage to my car. That was March of last year. Last November the local police had to inform her she was no longer welcome at my apartment and if she showed up again she would be trespassed. My dealings with her are a whole chapter unto itself. My current roommate, her replacement, and I are thinking she might show her pathetic self again seeing as it will be a year since she showed up at our door. It’s been very difficult. I tell myself that things will improve.

Tonight I began a blog telling the story of my latest hurdle. It’s getting rather long. I will have to return working on it. I want to post something. So, this is it. I have to bring some joy into my life by exercising my writing muscles, even if its this tiny little blog. I have to start somewhere. I have to build up the habit of coming here at least, nearly, everyday. I have to keep moving forward.

Photo above I took in Montana in June 1992.

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