Yeah, this sinus infection blows some more


Called out sick today. My shift was 4-9. I’d be getting off work right now. I only have 3 hours and 46 minutes of sick time to cover my 5 hour shift. I was so dizzy I almost fell down 3 times before I decided I really couldn’t do it tonight.

I called the prospective new doctor, the ENT, today. They still haven’t received the referral from my primary. The receptionist told me that it isn’t uncommon for things to go nuts with the fax machine. Sounds sketchy, but ok. She gave me her email for my primary to send the referral that way. I sent a message to my primary conveying the new information.

I cannot stress enough how fucking sick I am of having no energy and just feeling crappy, congested, cold, and then hot, and having a wonky appetite. Up until this sinus pain in the ass (head), I NEVER lost my appetite. Right now, the only thing I feel like eating is a bear claw from the bakery at Sprouts. That’s 18 miles, round trip. I guess I’ll settle for a can of Chickarina soup. I was going to to make something that required chopping. I seriously don’t feel like doing that.

I think I used that energy up stuffing a load of laundry into the washer. I need clean work clothes because I am planning on working my 3-10 shift tomorrow because I simply cannot afford to miss work. Yeah, capitalism, what a fucking, not ducking, concept.

Oh yippie, the right gland in my neck is even more swollen than it was an hour ago. The receptionist at Dr. Boger’s (no jokes about boogers, please) office—he’s the ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor—told me he’s going on vacation and then his schedule is full until February 27th. At least she didn’t say, March 27th. I’m so exhausted.

Note: I got interrupted about an hour and a half ago (9:30 pm) by my phone just closing my WordPress app. I repeatedly tried to reopen it and it wouldn’t open. I just turned my phone off for awhile and then back on and my app opened normally. I couldn’t believe everything I’d written was saved. I think my phone storage is just too full.

I want to go take my shower, but I really need to write my Go Fund Me campaign page. I’m really going to be in trouble. This sinus infection is making my money situation worse.

I hate having to write such campaign pleas. I want to be the one on the giving end. I want to have enough money to practice random acts of financial kindness anytime I want.

I just ate my Chickarina soup and am watching a little of the X-Files to let my food settle.

Cross your fingers for me that I get my auto tag renewal money. I thought it was close to $500, but it seems to be about $430. I’ve felt too shitty to call the tow company to see if I can work out a deal. I think my renewal paperwork got sent to them. Usually the county sends it out at least a month early. I’ve received nada.

If I get pulled over with an expired tag this expensive is probably a big ticket or even worthy of the metal bracelets.

I’ve worn those once, at a David Bowie concert in St. Pete, a week after I earned my psych BA from USF.

At least the cops let us return to the show. Didn’t miss a thing.

Adjudication withheld cause I was pretty much a crime-free angel. Ha!

That’s another story.

I need the bright yellow sticker for the upper right corner that reads, “2-24.”

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