Starting 2023 with a nonstop sinus infection

I wish it was just an allergy attack.

Five. That’s the number of these damn infections I’ve had since February 2022. I need a referral from Dr. Lauridsen, my primary care doctor. As predicted, when I called her office for an appointment for today, I could only get one for Orlando Health Physician Associates After Hours Clinic. Its at 8 pm tonight, in Maitland.

It’s where I went on 12/13.I went through the prescribed antibiotic and followed directions for the saline solution and prescription version of Flonase which, in my case is cheaper than the over the counter version, because my insurance covers it 100%. I have more than enough of that left. I felt as I was getting better for about eight days. Then came the first nasty sneezing fit. I’ve had at least one everyday since. What came out wasn’t pretty.

I am so sick of being sick. I’m so sick of having no energy to do the cleaning, packing, purging chores I want to do. I want to make a clear message to The Universe that I want all the resources available to move out of this crappy (yet, I’m grateful it’s better than a box, or a tent under the overpass) apartment, and live on my own. I miss having my own home. I’m very self reliant; the only human housemate I want is a possible significant other. Chances of that right now is zero.

To make matters worse, our horrible excuse of a governor, Ron DeSantis (more accurately referred to as, DeSatan), got sworn in today. His opening line in his horribly written/executed speech bitched about wokeism. So, basically, he told Floridians to remain ignorant and uneducated, in other words, just like him. I loathe him, just as much as I loathe trump.

And sanitize my sinuses.

I wish we could strap them both to rockets blasting off into space from the launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center. It ain’t a far drive for either of those losers.

Maybe, I could even give them my sinus infection as a parting gift.

Nah, would not want to get that close. I would barf. First time since 1985.

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