Happy birthday to my left knee

Today marks the third anniversary of my knee replacement surgery.

Yes, it was very painful. Yes, I felt that at any moment a baby might come shooting out of my knee.

It was worth all the horrible pain—even the mandatory physical therapy mere hours after having surgery. That’s a normal procedure with joint replacements of all kinds. However, it wasn’t pleasant to be completely stoned on about three kinds of medications that cause drowsiness and have to hold onto a walker while a physical therapist urged me to walk down the hall outside of my room. All I wanted to do was hang over the front of the walker and drool on the floor.

My hospital, AdventHealth Altamonte Springs, was awesome—and was the cleanest building I’ve ever seen.

My scar is barely detectable now. This was within a week, or so, after my surgery.

It almost goes without saying that my surgeon is a genius. He’s definitely very talented and his patients love him. Plus, he’s annoyingly adorable.

Thank you Ronald V. Hudanich DO for being the awesome orthopedic surgeon you are. Thank you for lowering my average age 32.5 years.

My left knee really is the happiest part of my body.

The replaced left knee is on the right in this x-ray taken at the office of Hudanich Orthopedics in Oviedo, Florida. This was on May 12th, 2021.

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