Instacart sucks

It wasn’t a phone call, but it was a scam. Fuckwads! My cussing gets worse when I’m really angry. This image is from my phone from last year. “Scam Likely,” is an appropriate name for this scenario.

Because I have good intuition, just before getting ready for bed at 1:44 am, I decided to check my humble bank accounts.

Good thing I did. One asshole-scumbag-loser-criminal stole my banking info and opened an Instacart account for $99. I hated Instacart before this happened.

Trying to contact them was a total pain and waste of time. Before I did that, though, I alerted my credit union about the fraud.

Now, I’m wired and I only had 3 hours of sleep Sunday night (into Monday morning). I’ve been awake fir about 20 hours and I’m so exhausted and angry, I feel sick.

I also contacted WKMG, channel 6 News, in Orlando because they do stories on this crap every day.

I’m pretty confident I’ll get my $99 back, but it’s going to be one huge pain in the ass. I asked my credit union to freeze my accounts, but I have my auto insurance auto deduction happening on 12/28, and our water bill is due today—Tuesday.

I’m going to get crappy sleep, and little of it because I have to get up early and go to my credit union.

I don’t buy shit online. I’m very careful with my cards and accounts.

I’m so fucking angry, if I met the fuckhead who did this, God help him/her

I’m posting this as a reminder to be careful with your bank info and your money and debit or credit cards—even your checks….oh, yeah, my paycheck is directly deposited into that compromised account.

This is going to be a mess.

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