Quickie blurbs

Watching the, “X-Files.” Ugh, I work at 11–today. I still feel lethargic from this, seemingly, month-long sinus infection. I quit using my Neti pot about 5-6 nights ago since my friend, from way back in the 80’s, Brenda (not her real name), told me that using her Neti pot while she was very congested caused her eardrum to rupture. Her doctor confirmed this. This info supported my own theory: that damn sinus gunk is stuck way up into the nether reaches of my sinus passages and the Neti pot rinsing pushes the gunk up further.

The Moon between the trees in front of my apartment at around 6 am, back in about February. Taken one morning when Vickie was about to take me to work. My photo.

I’ve been packing boxes. I’m moving from this domicile. Somehow, someway, The Universe is going to lead me to the cash I need—better job, second job, pure frigging luck, something.

At the same time, I’m tremendously grateful things are not worse. I’m grateful to have a home that is better than a cardboard box under the I-4 overpass, and better than just renting a room. I’m also grateful that I have a good vehicle, food, running water, some money in the bank, clothes (others are also grateful I have clothes, too. Lol), a job, electricity, and air conditioning.

I’m most grateful for the beautiful people I count as friends, acquaintances, co-workers, bosses, and even a couple of neighbors.

Well, that’s all I have the energy for right now. I’m going to head upstairs and take a shower.

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