Home from the vascular doc’s

Ultrasound machine used on my legs to check on my circulation.

Egh, I still have this sinus infection/whatever going on. I decided to forgo using the Neti pot because it may be masking what I have.

Good news from Dr. Adcock: leg circulation is very good. Vitals are great except for my heart rate. It was slightly elevated. He asked, “Why is that?” “Probably cause I’m here getting test results.” He laughed, and in his Kentucky drawl, said, “So, what scares you about ole Dr, Adcock?” He’s very down to Earth. I like him a lot. I think he might have a man-crush on my orthopedic surgeon (he IS very crushable) because he always brings him up into the conversation. I said that working across the street from one of the hospitals my orthopedic works in, I hear gossip about him and his maverick attitude; I’ve heard he gives hospital administrators a hard time, Dr. Adcock agrees that’s a good thing, “They deserve a hard time.” Plus, the rebel attitude is awesome.

It’s fun having goofy doctors. My gyno/oncologist is pretty nuts, too. I love her.

I won’t have to wear these bandages on my legs anytime soon.

I can understand those same-sex crushes. I had crushes on a couple of women I knew in Portland. They aren’t sexual. It more like, if I were a lesbian, this is who I’d fall for.

Well, just wanted to pop by and say a few words. I want to drop by later to write a real post, but there are some chores I need to do, like re-up my health insurance for 2023, make my eye exam appointment, and call Dr.Seward’s (my gyno/oncologist) office to find out why my Progesterone prescription got denied.

For now, I’m going downstairs to try and eat.

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