The death of a British monarch

Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

She was born a year before my mother and always loomed in the background of my life. The Queen gave birth to her second son, Prince Andrew, on February 19th, 1960, about an hour after I was removed from my mother via C-section.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to my English, Welsh, and Scottish roots. Interestingly, that was my dad’s ancestry. My mother’s was German, Czech, possibly Russian and Polish. Personally, I think there were gypsies in the mix. It would explain a whole lot.

But, this is about the Queen and how unsettled some of the hating of her that has been on Facebook has made me. Yes, the Royals cost their populace boatloads of money, but it’s United Kingdom pounds. Isn’t it up to the people of the UK and the Commonwealth to decide if they are worth the price? There are thousands of years of tradition there; it seems as if the people love their Royals. That’s their choice.

Let them feel their grief, heartache and pain. It’s really no other nation’s business to judge.

In my observations, Elizabeth II has been part public relations agent, social leader and center point for the British Commonwealth. These are my simple conclusions from an American point of view.

At the very least, she was beloved by millions and took on her unexpected role with tremendous grace, intelligence and humor. She was loved by her family.

The nasty hating on her is unfair. Let the people who loved her grieve for her, in peace.

Note: images were taken from the internet. They are not my own.

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