No new images…

…is bumming me out. But, it is teaching me that I’m more of a visual person than I thought I was, and I knew I was very visual.

Later today (it’s 12:59 am) I want to work on that issue. I’m going to start a Flickr account and check out WP upgrades.

Here are a few images from ye olde WordPress Media Library.

The St. John’s Bridge. Portland, Oregon. My photo, mid-1990’s.
Sky over Winter Park—I’m pretty sure. My photo. 2022.
Pine trees. Rest stop in Georgia. My photo. June 1992.
Clouds over Winter Springs. Spring 2022. My photo.
Sign at the Pulse Memorial on Orange Avenue in Orlando. June 2022. My photo.
Rainbow over pine trees on S. Winter Park Drive in Casselberry. Spring 2022. My photo.
Bo Bo, The Wonder Dog. Vickie’s fur baby. Winter Springs. Spring 2022. My photo.
Sand dunes near Florence, Oregon. May 1994. My photo.
Bromeliad, from last Summer. Winter Springs. I wish it would bloom like this again. 2021. My photo.
Poyndexter, the Rogue. June 2022. Winter Springs. My photo.
My mini rose, a Florabunda. Early Spring 2022. Winter Springs. My photo.
The Moon over my street. Winter Springs. August 2021. My photo.
Mt. Hood, viewed from inside Timberline Lodge, in Oregon. May 1993. My photo.
I’ll leave you with some good luck. From my Tarot deck. Rider-Waite. Artwork by Pamela Coleman Smith. About 2020. My photo.

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