Taking a break from pretty much everything

The Columbia River Gorge between Oregon (left side) and Washington (right side). I took this photo, I believe, on a trip back to Portland from Mt. Rainier, in Washington. I think this was May of 1996. But, could be wrong.

I’m depressed about humanity. I’m depressed by politics, especially here in Florida, where we are saddled with Gov. Ron DeSatan. I’m at the point I was in just before trump was uninstalled. If DeSantis gets re-elected, I really am not sure I can remain in my home state. I’m exhausted battling the ignorance that overwhelmingly oozes from the right, or what I call, the red people. Their vitriol is vile. Their uninformed tiny minds make me nauseous. They are mind numbingly, voluntarily stupid.

I’m exasperated by the cult of trump and we are experiencing our cult of DeSatan (DeSantis) in Florida.

I honestly cannot believe that racist nitwit even graduated from undergrad school, let alone, law school.

It’s harming my spirit and my psyche.

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