Words of the day on hold

My Magnetic Poetry words.

I really like doing the little definitions I’ve been posting. I started out just wanting to do GRE (Graduate Record Examination) words. Then I realized I could make them more meaningful and less abstract by letting the words or phrases just pop into my head.

Most of them have been inspired by my own life events, or by thinking that there were some things that seem commonplace, but actually kind of stump people, such as, “anthropology,” or “self reflection.”

Many people do not even have the first clue as to how to understand what they are all about. So, I hope I’m making connections for some readers. Those posts have been getting views, I just hope that means people are thinking about them and how they relate in their own lives.

I have to put them on hold until I can fiddle with expanding the GB space I have for images on WordPress. It’s supposed to be relatively easy to do, and does not cost money. Whoohoo.

I didn’t sleep until about 5:00 am. Frustrated and anxious and too many thoughts and feelings zipping around my psyche. One of those frustrations is my domestic issues. I decided to forgo the gym and work on more domestic purging. I’ll do a little Simply Fit board workout.

Now that I have a car, and one with lots of room, I can stuff it full of things I want to donate.

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