Word of the day 17

This and all other images were taken from the internet.

This choice was inspired by the, “Wild, Wild West,” (TV show) marathon that the Decades network ran this past weekend. My dad and I watched this show religiously. It was interesting to be seeing it from an adult point of view rather than that of my 5-9 year old self.

Although, the show was in production from 1965-1969, it was not referred to as belonging to the steampunk genre. That word hadn’t been invented yet. In retrospect, this 60’s television show was clearly an example of later art and literature. Steampunk, itself, has roots in the fiction of H.G.Wells, Jules Verne, and others.

The year, “steampunk,” was invented.

In a sentence: Anyone who has been on the Jules Verne-influenced, Twenty-thousand Leagues Under the Seas, ride that used to be at Walt Disney World, experienced the beginnings of the literary genre later known as, “steampunk.”

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