Frustrating work shift—ain’t feeling’ the love

This song was playing on the radio as I parked Poyndexter at home. It helped my mood—a little. It’s one of my faves.

Enjoy. Whole Lotta Love, from Led Zeppelin II. Released in 1969. Plant and Bonham were just barely 21. I was 14 when I first heard this song through headphones (it was the 70’s), and it blew me away. Page’s guitar riffs whip from the left ear to the right and feels like your head is spinning. Awesome song.

I was scheduled 9-2. That’s a five hour shift, which meant I was not scheduled for a lunch. Any shift longer than five hours gets a lunch. Meal breaks are mandatory.

It was just me and a head cashier until 2:30 pm. That’s when the closing head cashier was scheduled to start, That meant when my head cashier went on his lunch, I was by myself with a list of people to call if I got a line. I had to call twice in the half hour the HC was on his meal break.

At 2:00 pm we got kind of slammed–of course. I was asked to stay 15 more minutes, which, of course, put me over five hours and was SUPPOSED to take a lunch. It was just fifteen minutes, so taking a lunch would have been ridiculous, and I didn’t mind staying 15 minutes. Then I was asked to stay 15 MORE minutes. Ok, they are pushing it now, cause I’m fucking hypoglycemic. THEN. my boss asked me to stay until Cindy (not her real name) returned from HER lunch. She was actually doing ISS (in store shopping), with cashier duties, as needed when she wasn’t filling a shopping order. THAT put me a full hour later, and definitely entitled to a lunch break. When my boss asked me to stay and I said I would, it was crazy, there were about ten people in line for the only cashier, all I got was a, “You’re awesome.” I bet I don’t even get a Star Card (employee reward worth 5 bucks toward Sprout’s food, or merchandise.

So, I worked a six hour shift on a 15 minute snack break.

On the way home, I reflected on just how much staying that extra hour fucked up my day. I had two doctors to try and reach: ophthalmologist, for my eye exam (needed new glasses for three years), and the gastrointerologist because, as I predicted, I did not receive the call from that office to schedule my colonoscopy that was due THIS MONTH. Also, I needed to deposit cash from Rose for her part of the water bill that is due tomorrow. Because of the bills related to my new car, I can’t front utility bills till the roommates have the cash to pay me. The auto insurance is an auto debit from my checking account.

I was so hypoglycemic on my ride home, I didn’t stop at the bank, or stop to give Poyndexter a gas drink. But, I did have to stop and get milk at Publix cause we were going to be out and one roommate doesn’t care for the milk sold at Sprout’s. Hypoglycemic events can make me very emotional, so I cried, not a lot, but enough to just release and vent.

It’s 5:48 pm now, and Vickie and I shared most of a tomato and cheese focaccia bread pizza from the Sprout’s bakery, so I feel a little better. I’m going to go take a shower. Before I left work, I bought us a rotisserie chicken dinner at Sprouts: two sides and a loaf of Italian bread. Adding the bread to that meal gives a $10 discount. It’s a pretty good deal. I got buttery corn and mac-n-cheese.

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