Word of the day 10…

…two days late because it is 12:14 am 7/20.


I looked in vain for a succinct definition of, “anthropology,” among my numerous textbooks, but they all had these lengthy descriptions of this fascinating social science. Thus, I resorted to screenshots from the online Mercian-Webster Dictionary.

But, I also took pics.

This is from my textbook, “A History of Anthropological Theory,” for my first graduate seminar in anthropology at UCF. We had five other books for that class, and that was down from the original eight.

Obviously, if you want to read that passage you will have to enlarge it. It’s pretty interesting. It describes the four subfields of anthropology: physical/biological, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural/social. These apply to the discipline in the United States. In other parts of the world, archaeology is a subfield of history.

Above and below: some of my anthropology textbooks.

An anthropological classic. I bought this book a long while ago. I still haven’t read it. It hadn’t been assigned in any of the classes I had before my degree stalled for financial reasons. I have four classes to finish my BA (that’s my second BA), and a 3.84 GPA that’s wasting away, or so I feel.
I poked around on this site earlier. It made me want to return to school.

In a sentence: Anthropology is so interesting to me I cannot decide which was my favorite class, but The Black Seminoles was a real standout.

In another sentence: My simple description of, “anthropology,” is to say that pretty much anything that is related to the human condition is fodder for anthropological study.

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