Dealing with COVID-19 possibilities

Still pissed.

Not sure if I’ll be looking at this register on Thursday. This is on lane 1, where I usually work.

The first thing I did when I woke up was to call, Bella (name she wants to be known by), the administrative coordinator at my Sprouts store in Winter Park. I had to inform her of my roommate’s COVID status. Bella knows both my roommates because we all met while working at Walmart.

I wanted to find out the company’s COVID protocol because so many rules have changed with the mutation of this nasty virus. If I stay asymptomatic by my next scheduled shift, which is Thursday, I can work, but have to mask. I’ve already been doing that since MJ, a long ago friend from Tampa, died from seemingly long haul conditions on June 30th. A few of my co-workers never stopped masking. They are probably very smart for doing that. Thus, I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get this infection.

I have no symptoms, but I’ve had all four jabs and have a very good immune system. So, if anyone in our household was going to be asymptomatic, it would be me.

The next thing I did was call Aveda to reschedule my hair appointment. I got stuck on hold and had to hang up. So, I called Rayus Radiology to reschedule my diagnostic mammogram—100% covered, thank you Florida Blue. Here, I had to take a chance that my boss was going to keep giving me a schedule close to the one she’s been giving me. So, I took a late appointment for a Monday (been working 9-2) on August 1st. Then I called Aveda back and rescheduled for a day I requested off for a dermatologist appointment on August 11th. Hopefully, this all works out. Everyone I spoke with on the phone was awesomely nice and courteous.

I do have to call Bella back tomorrow with a symptom update.

Vickie is sick, but her symptoms seem totally head cold related. But, we can’t rule out COVID for her, either. I’m wearing a mask at home. I tried to track down N-95 masks at a Fern Park (practically Casselberry) Walgreens and was on hold for 1.5 hours. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and hung up.

It’s 1:15 pm and I have an appetite; I haven’t eaten yet, so I’m going downstairs in my jammies and mask to make coffee and scrambled tofu and eggs.

I hope both my roommates get well, but I’m still pissed about having COVID across the hall from my room.

Probably more later. I’m trying to think up words for today and tomorrow. I think one is going to come from my anthropology dictionary.


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