Word of the day 8

I’m pretty sure Hollywood is full of these people. I stole this pic from the internet.


Social media is also full of these fakers, and resumes are sometimes the manifestations of these personalities.

These are screenshots from two online dictionaries.

Anyone on Facebook or Instagram has come across the profile of someone they know to some degree who has exaggerated his or her accomplishments, the degree of happiness in their relationships, families, careers, homes, houses, vehicles, even the degree of their physical health.

I’m not talking about the people who make up entire fake profiles to attract prey they might take physical or emotional advantage of.

I’m talking about those who post only happy photos of their families, or co-workers—the ones who feel the need to look important, special, richer than they are, or happier than they really are. They cannot bear the idea that anyone know about the sadness or tragedy they are facing. They want to keep up with, or one-up the Joneses.

They are a different breed of con artist than the ones self confidently trying to steal from you. Their cons usually come from insecurity or audacity.

It’s sad.

In a sentence: The new manager bragged about her Ivy League degree in philosophy, but her lack of knowledge about the differences between, “you’re, and, “your,” soon exposed her as the poseur she really was.

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