Sometimes pure exhaustion ….

….makes one the most tuned into the energies of the Universe.

I was about to climb into bed when I had to put a book away and moved the wooden box that my St. Petersburg, Russian Tarot deck lives in. A sudden urge told me to take out the cards.

My favorite deck is the classic Pamela Coleman Smith deck, but the beauty of this Russian deck moves me. Also, my hometown is very close to St. Petersburg, Florida, which gets its name from the Russian city.

I’m guessing the Russian who named St. Pete, Florida—and God help me, but his name escapes me just now—was relieved to be out of the Russian Winters, and yet, loved his hometown.

So, I did this little spontaneous reading and just as I grabbed the cards to shuffle them, the King of Cups fell out—upright. I know I’ve mentioned before that these accidental cards can be significant. In this case, I believe it is because the very last time I did a similar reading, which was a month ago, that same card fell out first. It was also upright.

The three cards that fell out of the shuffle, in the order in which they fell.

I’m not going to go into specifics because I am exhausted, but the beauty of smart phones is that I can take a photograph and return to this spread later.

It’s an interesting one. In addition to the Knight of Cups (ruled by Pisces) falling out, two others plopped out together. They were also upright. They were the Knight of Swords (intellect, written communication), and The World. The World is a marvelous card.

This spread was one in which I listened to my intuitive voice telling me pick another card or stop.

The whole spread.

I got quite a few reversed cards. They are not always bad, but they take more thought to interpret. I’m kind of bummed that my favorite card in the whole deck, The Star (ruled by Aquarius) is reversed. But the energy of this card is so positive it usually still means good things, but maybe in not the same quantity.

A better view of the last eight cards.

I’m definitely too pooped to ponder. I will read them later.

Night all.

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