New cherries

I’ve loved Bing cherries my whole life. Those are those deep, dark, almost black cherries that are so sweet and delicious, the hard spherical pit is not even an annoyance.

In Oregon we called them Hood River cherries because that’s where most of the Oregon varieties were grown. Also, while living in The Pacific Northwest, I was introduced to Rainier cherries, which hail from near Mt. Rainier. These puppies are even sweeter than Bings/Hood Rivers.

Now, at Sprouts we started selling these Ruby cherries, which look almost exactly like Rainiers.

Orondo Cherries, grown in Washington state.

Well, even though a box was $6.99, I snagged the last box after my shift today. They are delicious—a little more tart than Rainiers, but I’m enjoying them.

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